Ms Lubna Bhatti, London

I’ve been plagued with a number of health issues that conventional medicine just hasn’t been able to resolve. After seeing Ashvy and being introduced to the idea of functional medicine I was admittedly sceptical, however I have to say even though I’m still mid-way through my journey to recovery - I’m already very happy and can see results!

Having a thyroid issue meant for years, I’ve struggled with keeping weight off, maintaining my energy levels and also understanding what foods I can eat safely without impacting my thyroid function. Ashvy has introduced me to understanding how my food has impacted my health and by taking a very measured and easy approach to my diet, I’ve actually managed to shift my mid riff - years of fad diets couldn’t get these results!

John Moore

I first contacted Dr Ashvy in late July 2017, as I had been diagnosed as being pre-diabetic. I had tried what I thought were the right options on my diet but all to no avail. With Dr Ashvy she explained in detail how what we eat results in how our bodies use the foods. Our first consultation was almost 3 hrs long, while she answered any questions we had. At the end we had an “eating plan” for want of a description which we have stuck to pretty strictly.

After just over 3 months my blood sugars have dropped back almost 10%, and I am now no longer pre-diabetic. I must stress that this is not a diet but a way of life for me now, and I’m enjoying many new foods I never ate before. Dr Ashvy has been a constant support for me and along with the food supplements she suggested I’m feeling much better.

Sophie Moore

I had exhausted all options in conventional medicine to treat my severe eczema. I decided I needed a more natural approach & started looking into Functional Medicine this is when I got in contact with Dr. Ashvy.

Our first consultation was such a relief to me, finally someone who wanted to actually help me & was confident in their approach to do so. Dr. Asvhy was so knowledgeable in her field it filled me with absolute confidence that I had made the right choice in contacting her & that together we would be able to get my health issue under control in the best possible way. Its not been an easy road & is still a work in process but after months of dedication to me as her patient Dr. Ashvy has been the first doctor in many years to bring my eczema under control & has taught me in the process how important what you put into your body & your mental attitude is to your overall health. She genuinely cares about her patients & is there not just as a doctor but a support network as well.

I'll continue to work with Dr. Ashvy to maintain the best possible results for myself & would recommend her practice to anyone who is looking to make a real change to their health.


We found Dr Ashvy after a long and hard search. We were keen to consult a Dr who was trained in the functional methodology but also had solid medical experience & would be able to wean us of pharmaceutical medicines.

After my consult with Dr Ashvy I felt immediately better. It was strange given that we just talked! It was a long and fully investigated consult which pieced together many areas of my health to me.

Dr Ashvy is an incredibly knowledgable and clever medic which coupled with her passion to help people is rare to find in today's world.

Mrs YM

I was seeing Ash (she didn’t like us calling her doctor) for 6 months for depression. One of the reasons was I was really unhappy with my job and also I couldn’t get pregnant. I had had two rounds of IVF, one worked but I had a miscarriage at 6 weeks. When she saw me I was very closed, but with time I opened up to her. She wanted to try diet for my mood and also was hopeful it may regulate some of my endometriosis symtpoms. It was weird coz I thought I was eating really healthy, I followed the Australian eat well plate quite strictly. She opened my eyes to this and asked me to eat more foods that were suitable for my genes (I am chinese/ Taiwanese). She asked me to eat more traditional foods, which my grandma loved me doing. It wasn’t too hard making the food changes, but she also asked me seriously consider quitting my job. She was quite black and white, which was the only time I saw her being black an white- she asked me ‘ do you want a baby or do you want a job’. Within 3 months of eating better and 1 month of quitting my job, I was pregnant. Unfortunately she left to go back to England to have her own baby, and she never got to meet my son, but I will forever be grateful to her. She is an asset to any patient and I wish her all the happiness.

Tracey Smythe, Sydney

Dr Ash was a godsend at the time. I miss seeing her so much, will she ever come back to oz? I was so unhappy with all the drugs I was on for my crohns disease, diabetes, blood pressure and depression. I had a feeling they was doing me body harm. No doctor had ever asked me about my mood or diet and she worked with me for the year she worked in Miranda. Over the time she got me of most of my medicines including antidepresents. She was my antidepresent- the way she listens and cares is unreal. Even when she went back to england to have a baby, she kept in touch on email and she really does care. i have not met a doc like her ever before and i am 62 .When I go to the medical centre, sometime I hear peple menshun her name in the waiting area. She was really liked as a doctor.