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A 16 week doctor-led coaching programme condensing 20+ years of personal and professional experience to help achieve unrestrained living and fully sustained weight loss

What if I told you, you could achieve lasting weight loss and long-term exceptional health without depriving yourself of anything all at the same time?

What if you learned about a step-by-step no-bullsh*t method for losing weight without sacrificing your favourite foods (and without spending hours at the gym)....

Would you finally feel GOOD ENOUGH to invest in weight loss as your TOP Priority?

Well now you can  inside my 4-month, comprehensive, sustainable, tried and tested doctor-led method. 

Learn why slowly gaining weight doesn’t have to be a life sentence, and how to finally take control of your health .

Wanna skip the fluff and buy now… Good on you! Pay a deposit to secure your place as ONE of TEN women only.

“I remember when I was at my heaviest how it felt when people looked at me (even my own doctor), and think it was because I was greedy”

What nobody saw behind the scenes is that I had tried nearly everything from age 16 when it came to trying to lose weight * FYI I am now 44

Shakes & meal kits

Calorie counting

Religiously weighing foods & reading labels

Intense workouts 5 days /week

Deprivation of favourite foods

Trying every fad diet out there!

And they all worked...Kinda

I followed traditional weight loss advice (low fat, high wholegrain, calorie burning, calorie restriction) to the letter! It was what I was taught at Medical School in the half day nutrition training I got and again in my Nutrition Diploma.

I remember one of my lowest points as a die hard foodie was denying myself fabulous tapas in Barcelona because I had to have my health shake instead- brainwashed into thinking I could miraculously lose weight like this!

And I did lose weight for a bit, but slowly, for a multitude of reasons I didn’t compute back then, the weight started creeping back on. Without even realising, I found myself  at my heaviest ever weight of 85 kilos (13 stones) this time balancing a demanding career as a full-time G.P. and newly single mother. I had also developed health niggles like acidity, plantar fasciitis, raised bad cholesterol, painful periods, acne and back pain by then too.

Not only that, as a deeply thinking and caring doc, I was frustrated with seeing more and more prescriptions being used to fix long-term chronic conditions like diabetes, obesity, polycystic ovaries, thyroid imbalance and exhaustion. 

I wanted to go deeper for my patients and myself, beyond my medical school education and figure out the secret to lasting weight loss (without living off cauliflower crust pizza for the rest of my life) !

But more importantly I wanted better long-term health.

This programme is only for women (bless us!), but here is a success story from the other sex!

Dhanraj Pandya 43, Accounts Manager

“Reversed my pre-diabetes & lowered my cholesterol”

When I met Dr Ash, she infected me with a zeal and enthusiasm to take back control of my personal health journey. I was fatigued all the time, unhappy with my body and presenting signs of pre-diabetes. Through her guidance, I embraced a revitalised approach to nutrition, sleep and exercise. My lifestyle changed and I lost around 18 kg healthily, cooked recipes using food I had never done before, reversed my pre-diabetes and lowered my cholesterol, became more mindful about what my body needs and most importantly improved my mental health. My children also benefited through better meals and a happier dad with loads more energy to.

Imagine not only losing the weight, but knowing how to keep it off for good, being full of energy and living life to the fullest

And knowing that this solution is coming from a doctor of 20 years

I want you to know that it’s not your fault that calorie counting, killing yourself in the gym & depriving yourself of your favourite foods hasn’t worked for you. 

I want you to stop feeling how I did for 20 years.

This outdated calories in calories out theory is literally designed to keep you thinking this way (AND keep you overweight, too). As a doctor, personal trainer and certified nutritionist, I know that the human body is so much more complex than a simple Energy Mismatch.  As a mother & Masterchef I also know the true pleasure & nutrition food can give so depriving yourself of that is just silly. 

As an ex-overweight woman that was big most of her life 

I knew how people looked at me as 


After working with me inside of my Bespoke Group Health Program you’ll be educated on;

What, how & when to eat as well as how to enjoy your favourite foods without sabotaging your long-term health

How it is not calories in, calories out that causes weight loss, moreso the relationship between insulin and other hormones, cortisol & your gut microbiome

How sometimes doing less but better exercise can speed up results

Why your environment, sleep & stress are just as important as what you eat when it comes to weight loss

What contributes to chronic illnesses & how you can stop them from developing 20 years down the line

Why hormonal balance, inflammation, recovery & detox issues are key to
your underlying health problems and weight gain and what to do about the

Gunjan Shah 40, mother

“It wasn’t easy with twins but she got me hooked on fasting and working on my sleep “

I was Ash’s case study for her nutrition qualification in 2008. She had been taught that it was all about calories and she put me on a low fat low calorie diet. It worked and I went from a size 16 to a size 8 in 6 months and felt great. The weight crept back though and when I found myself big again after having twins I had a chat with Ash. She explained that what she had been taught back then was wrong and that there was so much more to health than calories. It wasn’t easy with twins but she got me hooked on fasting and working on my sleep and relaxation. The weight is now coming off slower but I feel better and happier and that as mum was the most important thing.

What if I told you that in just 4 months you could be enjoying the following positive health benefits as well as being able to read & trust your body & the choices you make for it.

Enjoying your favourite foods

Enjoying your favorite foods whilst still improving your health. Learning how to incorporate different food groups to make tasty meals the whole family will enjoy

Lowering your cholesterol and balancing your blood sugar

Lowering your cholesterol and balancing your blood sugar and seeing first hand which foods uniquely raise or lower your blood sugar with state of the art testing

Knowing what foods to eat

Knowing what foods to eat and how to space out your meals to achieve optimal hormonal balance, reduce inflammation and improve well being

Changes to beauty products could result in weight loss

Understanding which simple changes to beauty and household products could result in weight loss and improvements to your skin, periods, and energy

Better sleep causing kilos to drop off effortlessly

Better sleep by understanding the effect of rhythm and light on your health; causing kilos to drop off effortlessly

Improved energy, less brain fog, decreased aches and pains

Improved energy, less brain fog, decreased aches and pains all from understanding hidden household nasties with affordable and sustainable alternatives

Remaining confident and believing in your gut instinct

Knowing when to avoid irrelevant or bad health advice and remaining confident and believing in your gut instinct in making health decisions in the future

Stopping the cycle of fad or emotional eating,

Stopping the cycle of fad or emotional eating, associating guilt or shame with eating and recurring weight gain by really understanding food on a scientific and emotional level

Appreciating the mind-stress-weight connection

Appreciating the mind-stress-weight connection and having tools to deal with emotional turbulences.

If I’m being honest, most clients come to me focused on weight loss as THEIR goal

They’re wondering how much weight they can lose and how fast and boy do I remember the urgency of that feeling. Just the mere thought of Summer looming and swimsuit season used to give me palpitations!

But as they start my holistic weight loss programme, they quickly learn that it’s more about understanding their body and the factors that contribute to weight gain. They don’t mind that weight loss may take a touch longer knowing it will be permanent this time. 

If you’ve made it this far, you already know how life-changing the right weight loss program could be for you. Like me you’ve tried them all and wondering why this one is different? Read on to get to the juicy bits!

Tracey Caiger 54 years, Health Care Assistant

Within a month my blood pressure started to drop andI lost 4 kilos.

I met Ashvy at work where she was the doc and I was the Health Care Assistant. One day I was moaning about being fat and tired. She pitched in with her beaming smile ‘babes, you know this isn’t your fault right? I used to be big too, and no one helped me… let me give you some pointers’. She pulled out a piece of paper and wrote down a few websites that discussed low carb and fasting. I didn’t think it could really be as simple as that, but it was. When I was a bit lost I texted Ashvy and she always had a solution up her sleeve. Within a month my blood pressure started to drop andI lost 4 kilos. This doctor is a miracle worker!


The No B.S. Holistic Slimming Method

A 16 week doctor-led coaching programme condensing 20+ years of personal and professional experience to help achieve unrestrained living and fully sustained weight loss

My programme is designed from a wealth of knowledge including a 20+ year medical career, thousands of hours spent exploring alternative medicine, training in nutrition and exercise plus my own experience of being stuck in an oppressive weight loss cycle of deprivation and recurring weight gain. It’ll be my mission to leave you newly educated, refreshed and fully capable of ignoring the B.S. (Bullsh*t)

These are just some of the unlikely things I discovered over 20 years that could be causing you to gain weight

Low-fat food

Having your phone by your bed

Your negative body image

Low salt diet

Your make-up

Not prioritising yourself

Low saturated fat diet

Sanitary towels and tampons

Calling yourself ‘fat’ all the time

Grazing all day long

Non-stick cookware

Denying yourself pleasure

Too much fruit

Your fibre supplement

A ruminating mind

Not enough food

Non-organic food

Being a perfectionist

Eating on the run

Cling Film and foil

Not forgiving

Choosing lean meat over fatty

The contraceptive pill

Your harsh words

Weighing your food


Not focusing on sleep

Stevia and sweeteners

Your acidity tablet

Fixed beliefs on body image

What Can I Promise You?

Well for starters you really are learning from a professional

Here’s the paper proof

MBBS; that’s the simple plain ol’ medical degree between you and me
DFFP; means I know a thing or two about family planning.Oi Oi
DRCOG; all things related to women & reproduction.Yay that’s you!
MRCGP; now we get serious. I am a GP!
Dip Nutrition; I’ve got some paper qualifications in Nutrition but it was all wrong anyway and I learned that the hard way
Dip P.T.; it feels good on a dating profile saying you’re a Personal Trainer. It also comes in handy with the kinda thing i’m doing here
Primal Play Coach; who knew there were so many different kinds of exercise qualifications?
A.F.M.C.P; the best (and newest) one I got so i’ll even tell you what it stands for. 

Applying Functional Medicine to Clinical Practice (In English….. Read below)

Each person is a unique individual and so it would be wrong of me to promise everyone the same results. I learned that through Functional Medicine and it’s this amazing way of ‘doctoring’ that has helped me cure and heal so many. What I am sure of is that inside of this program you’ll start to see the weight come off and you’ll feel much better, too.

You will feel more empowered to make the correct choices not just with food but with all aspects of your current and future health. No more losing time, waiting for six months to a year for a routine N.H.S. check-up, let alone a fully customized weight loss and wellness plan.

Some of my amazing patient success stories include

  Helped someone  lose 16 kg and finally get them off their meds for diabetes and cholesterol

Helped a  woman avoid a hysterectomy for her painful periods and fibroids

 Improved a man’s  B12, Vitamin D and calcium with food so taking them off all supplements

Helped someone  lose 22 kgs so avoiding Bariatric Surgery

Reduced a woman’s thyroxine dose by helping her nutrition.

I promise to be a compassionate guide on this journey (something often sorely lacking in traditional medicine) and be there for every frustration, stressful moment and challenge that comes up. I truly understand how you have a lot of responsibilities but only 24 hours in a day.

Not only that, you’ll stop fighting your body and start to enjoy learning how it works, so that you can use your knowledge to improve sleep, stress management and choose foods that will help you achieve your personal best-ever health


I know that losing weight might not be a priority for you right now. Do you know how many times I put off doing the really hard work?

After all, you’re a busy woman balancing a career, child rearing, elder care – all on top of trying to maintain your weight, have great energy all day and feel sexy, too. 

But let me ask you, why does it have to be inevitable that you’ll gain weight and eventually become ill with a chronic disease or something worse, like cancer or heart disease? 

Right now, you’re still dealing with guilt and shame. You’re more than ready for a change, but you want to work with someone experienced, credible and compassionate. 

Right now you might be going through some of the following:

You feel like your health is getting away from you

You’re slowly gaining weight and accepting chronic disease as inevitable 

You feel like you’re at the mercy of long waitlists without knowing how to manage your own health 

You still haven’t realized that self-care needs to be your #1 priority.

It doesn’t have to be this way.
With my comprehensive


No B.S. Holistic Slimming Method

you’ll learn how to truly become the master of your own health 
(and lose weight too.)

What would it mean to you to lose weight for good? Not only that, to learn my best tools and techniques from a 20+ year plus career in medicine so that you can sustain the results yourself, without the fear of failure? 

The No B.S. Holistic Slimming Method is truly an investment in your future. Slowly diminishing health and creeping weight gain DON’T have to be inevitable. I’ve tried and tested everything I teach throughout my own yo-yo weight loss journey. 

This is the program I WISHED I had in my early twenties when I felt so guilty and self-conscious about my weight. I don’t want you to go through years of the same struggle

The No B.S Guarantee

You’ll have a comprehensive understanding of      why you’ve gained weight in the past, what went wrong and how to fix it permanently

You’ll have a complete toolkit at hand to help you maintain your weight loss and overall good health long term

You’ll feel confident in your strategy and won’t waste any more time on trendy and expensive diet and exercise fads

You’ll no longer feel frustrated about food and will learn to see it as your ally You will never look at food as good or bad again and never get the scale out again

You’ll feel good from the inside out - glowing skin, all day energy, beautiful hair and a trim waistline

You’ll be so savvy as to what household and other environmental products can do to your health and will learn to choose wisely or even make your own!

You’ll understand how to maintain a supportive sleep schedule, and get back on track when bouts of insomnia come up from time to time.

You’ll know how to manage your stress better and stop emotional upset from causing you to go off track with your health and wellness plan 

So Here’s How We Do This

Prior to starting; we meet for our first Intensive 1-2-1 Deep Dive when I will analyse your complete medical history, medications and health concerns alongside your unique biology and eating and lifestyle habits. I will prescribe a Complete Lifestyle Prescription Bespoke to you and together we will formulate SMART Goals which we will monitor continuously through the 4 months we work together 

We have 4 further on line 1-2-1 Medical Consultations spaced out at the most appropriate intervals; letting us address any issues arising, goals that aren't being met and for full emotional and spiritual support

A trusted therapist will deliver fortnightly group sessions focusing on stress management, relaxation, calming techniques and positive mindset. There will be off-line Voxxer support from the therapist as emotional stuff doesn't always show itself between 9-5

An invitation to our weekly group coaching call for no more than ten women; sessions focusing on educating and incorporating each healthy principle; demonstrated with videos, presentations, guest speakers and of course an open Q&A. You will be given Food Plans with tailored nutrition and recipes that the whole family will enjoy

Your bio-data is collected and monitored with before and after sugar and cholesterol with a simple home kit. I will be explaining what the readings mean and how to improve them if needed. No more needing to see your GP about this as I show you how to keep tracking even after our time together

In the last month you get the unique opportunity to do some 21st century bio-hacking of your own with a wearable, trackable Continuous Glucose Monitor. Support and advice on what the readings mean and how to analyse them in the future will be integral to your learning journey.

Over the 16 weeks you have access to my support and tips along the way on our Private FB Groups, where I will be providing meal plan examples, Masterchef tasting recipes, top tips and lots of love and support.

A More Detailed Review of The Syllabus
(for you geeks out there….like me)

The No B.S. Holistic Slimming Program starts on 4th October 2021 and enrollment is currently open. The next step is to book a complimentary call with Dr. Ashvy to determine how this is the best next step in your health, wellness and weight loss journey

The No B.S. Holistic Slimming Method

A 16 week doctor-led coaching programme condensing 20+ years of personal and professional experience to help achieve unrestrained living and fully sustained weight los

The individual value of this program is

Deep Dive in a 3 hour Intensive 1-2-1 analyzing years of medical history and working as a Detective to understand you inside and out. Sixteen weeks of Bespoke SMART goal setting. Medical monitoring and adjustment of medications as we go along. Specific guided food plans and exercise aims (Value £7500)

4 further 1-2-1 Medical Consultations spaced out to get the most medical benefit (Value £1500)

8 on-line group sessions with Certified Therapist (Value £1200)

16 group coaching and education sessions with Masterclasses, Guest Speakers and Complete How To Guides and Food Plans (Value £1200)

Pre and post blood glucose and cholesterol with changes to medical plan as needed (Value £350)

One month of Continuous Glucose Monitors, complete with device and sensors (Value £250)

Total Value; £12000


Get Started Now

Choose the time genius plan that's right for you

Most flexible

7 monthly payments of

£635 GBP


Best value

1 payment

£3950 GBP

F.A.Q. & Answers

You will be adopting a Low Carbohydrate approach to this with individualized recommendations, so yes bread, pasta, cereal and sugar will be off the menu… for a while.

Absolutely, in fact this programme is perfect for you. I’ve got all the secrets to making this achievable easily and without too much stress

There is a focus on protein and fat from animal sources as well as full-fat dairy so this might not be the program for you if you are vegan, but vegetarian, ovo-lactarians and pescatarians will be suitable

Not at all, I love teaching at any level and will ensure you don’t feel overwhelmed or left out. One of my top aims is for you to complete this programme feeling very empowered over your health decisions

Only if you wanted extra things like extra blood tests for example a thyroid or vitamin D level. Blood cholesterol and glucose both before and after are included in your investment.

The first half can be quite challenging as your body adapts to a new way of eating and living but I will be there to support you through every stage. In the latter part of the course, you’ll understand how to incorporate this into everyday life.

No, because I’ve learnt how to do this in a cost effective manner and will share all the tricks of the trade with you

It depends on the individual person, which pregnancy number this is and whether it would be classed as a High Risk pregnancy

At our initial 121 I will discuss the suitability of the programme if you take more than a few medications.

Even if you aren’t in great shape right now, the exercise portion of the program will be entirely manageable. The focus is on shorter, high impact workouts so you can make the most of your limited free time and start seeing your energy go up and your waistline shrink.

The mental health of the programme is uniquely tailored towards long term weight loss and sustainable good health. I welcome a guest expert into the program to discuss managing stress, how it affects eating habits and I’ll also share my favourite affirmations and mantras to get through those more challenging moments on your journey.

If you’ve made it this far, you’re obviously really keen (yay!) and this must have been playing on your mind for a long time. I have a feeling you must have resonated with some of what I have said.

But I also get the hesitation; it’s a big investment in time, energy and money. It’s cool… I’ve still got you. I’m an empath at heart and really just wanna help, so book a call anyway and let me see if I can point you in the right direction. 

If this isn’t the right time for you, I respect that, but please don’t just stay stuck… . Don’t give up on yourself, you deserve to feel and look great, you can absolutely do this. If you’re not ready to make the invesment of time, energy and money to work with me now;  follow me on social media where i’ll give way as much as i can to stay a true medical friend and guide for you now and in the future.