How it


Step 1

Contact me for a free telephone consultation, where I can ensure that I understand what your health requirements are and clarify that I can be of help.

There may be rare cases where I feel it best you see a different kind of healthcare professional such as a physiotherapist or counsellor, before seeing me and in these circumstances, I will refer you on, as I don’t want to waste your time or money.

Thereafter we make an appointment for a lengthy face-to-face consultation. I appreciate just how busy you are so I also offer weekend and evening appointments


Step 2

In between our free consultation and meeting I will analyse any medical reports you have. I will also evaluate a completed food & lifestyle diary and a health questionnaire all of which provide me with further clues about your health.

Our initial consultation will last about 90 minutes, as I delve into your past medical history, paying particular attention to areas where I can see you may have struggled. I will examine you and perform some health checks.

If this meeting takes place in your home; I can guide you through the foods in your cupboards / fridge - pointing out where hidden dangers lie, take a look at your crockery and portion sizes and provide you with an understanding of food labels.

A consultation in your own home enables me to look at common environmental issues that may play havoc with your health as well as get the whole family involved in the lifestyle change.


Step 3

Shortly after meeting, I will create an individualised plan for you to follow. This includes any lifestyle changes that I feel would benefit your health, for example, sleeping better, meditating, incorporating fasting etc. You will receive a Starter Pack, which goes over all the information I will have taught you and encourages you to get organised.

The plan is truly bespoke, taking into account your likes, dislikes, spiritual or religious preferences and any lifestyle issues. For example, a vegan working only night shifts and little time to cook, an omnivorous family on a low budget, a vegetarian who hates greens, and so on.

If you are ready to incorporate fitness into your healthy lifestyle, I will devise an exercise regime for you, again taking into account any medical issues you have. My exercise plans can be done in your choice of venue (outdoors, your home, gym etc.) as well.

As change can be quite daunting another feature of The Bespoke Doctor to help you in this transition, is to provide unlimited follow up via email - to answer any queries you may have for up to 6 weeks.

A lot of people see significant improvements after our first meeting alone. If your health issues are a bit more complicated or stubborn, I may suggest some tests for you such as blood, stool or saliva with a follow up appointment to go through the results and any treatments needed.


“After just over 3 months my blood sugars have dropped back almost 10%, and I am now no longer pre-diabetic.”

John Moore, Ashford