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Health-span not life-span

Despite being in the medical industry for over 20 years now, (yikes did I really start medical school in 1996?) I don’t think I’ve ever thought about ‘health’. As weird as that sounds for ¾ of the time I’ve been in this field, I’ve thought about disease.

That’s how we’re programmed.

The health care system should really be called the sick care system as, with all due respect; as that’s exactly what it is. We get ill and that’s when we seek help. The conventional medical model will wait till someone becomes (pre)diabetic or till a vitamin level drops to a certain point before we will consider treatment.

This shift in my way of thinking 5 years ago has been eye-opening. In my opinion health starts whilst in the womb or even before and it is great health that we should strive for, not just a life free of symptoms.

a way of life

A true lifestyle change

Anyone who knows me, knows my love affair with food. It wasn’t always like that but since my Masterchef days this passion has exploded. If I knew I could never have a pizza, ice cream, or greasy burger and chips again: I would be truly miserable.

That’s who I am.

I don’t believe in forbidden foods or foods that have labels such as ‘naughty foods’. I hate people feeling guilty about eating things: food should never have fear or guilt associated with it.

That’s why my lifestyle prescription is a 70/30 approach. The changes I ask you to make are: For Life! If you are eating/being healthy 70% of the time for your entire life, you will reap way more benefit than being 100% anal for 6 months or so. I’ve tried all the diets under the sun and it is only when you change your eating and lifestyle habits for good can you achieve prime health.


“Our first consultation was such a relief to me, finally someone who wanted to actually help me & was confident in their approach to do so.”

Sophie Moore, Ashford