Functional Medicine

Functional Medicine​

Functional Medicine is the crème de la crème of Medical Services.
Functional medicine, lifestyle medicine, root cause medicine; these are some of the few trending names for this life altering prescription. I prefer to look at it simply as a description of ‘medicine’ in the old-fashioned sense of the word; where the doctor really knows you, spends time with you and actually heals you.
I am one of the few people in the UK triple trained as a Medical Doctor, Nutritionist and Personal Trainer and have been practicing Functional Medicine (FM) for 10 years now and 20 years in the NHS.

When’s a good idea to see a Functional Medicine Doctor?


  • are just fed up with being sick and tired
  • have multiple medical issues spanning many years
  • have symptoms that no one has been able to figure out yet
  • have ‘normal’ blood results but still feel awful
  • want to come off medications and avoid taking any in the future
  • are ready to put in the work to make sure you will remain healthy
  • need medical support, agreement, encouragement and validation.
  • want a second opinion or you have lost faith in the traditional system
  • crave a traditional GP: where you feel really listened to and respected.

Functional Medicine with me is very detailed and methodical, where you can work with me anywhere from 3 hours- 30 weeks, choosing from a few life-changing programs to suit your needs.
I deeply understand all the holistic, complementary, and alternative therapies as well as allopathic/ conventional medicine. I will look at things that doctors are not even aware of causing medical issues. I am the detective who will discover the reason behind all your symptoms and heal you from within.
No patient is the same, so everyone gets a Bespoke prescription. I use my Trademarked Framework ‘HEALTHY’ to help metamorphosise your health.

Working with Dr Ashvy will be guarantee you a life of :

  • Empowerment; imagine knowing your body inside and out so that you never need to see a doctor again. Having science at the tip of your tongue so you can happily defend your body and its choices. Visualise feeling the power to know that the health of everyone you love is in your hands.

  • Freedom; from disease, from taking time off work to see a doctor, to not be scared into taking or doing something you don’t want to do. Picture not being worried about your current or future self.

  • Health; free from fatigue, pain, worry and sleepless nights. A body you love, not just because it looks great but it is serving you well.

How Does It Work?

After reviewing all your history behind the scenes, I will meet you on-line or in person for your first Intensive 1:1 Deep Dive. A lifestyle prescription follows which often starts with an elimination diet. The degree of follow up and off-line support varies with each package. Generally you will be reviewed via Zoom or in person with further steps added and tweaks to plans as needed. You have access to me to answer all your questions and will be very much heard, cared for, and validated. A huge focus is on educating you to really understand and believe your body.

There are only two ways to work with me;

Dr. Ashvy offers only 2 packages :

Intensive Health Bootcamp
If you're someone who's desperately trying healthier living practices, but never see the results you want or need, this is for you. Maybe you need a second opinion because you feel stuck, or you have persistent symptoms that need tweaking to fix (but don't know what these tweaks are!). You may have shorter term weight goals like wanting to fit into your wedding dress or needing to lose weight before an operation. You may be ready to start coming off pills and want a medical guide for this. It could be that you have just had enough of the usual medical system not really seeing or caring for you and you want to finally have one well-qualified professional actually give you an accurate diagnosis and create a plan for your journey to optimal health. This all encompassing workshop takes place over half a day designed to leave you feeling listened to, cared for and all your questions answered. There isn't much I can't help with! So, book a free discovery call, it's your first step to reclaiming your health back.
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The No B.S. Holistic Slimming Method
This is my Flagship course combining 20+ years of both professional and personal experience dedicated to helping you achieve fully sustainable and permanent weight loss. This incredble tried and tested experience is guaranteed to leave you feeling more energised and vibrant, less tired and fed up and very likely slimmer too! The promise of this 4-month experience where you metamorphosise into the best version of yourself is that you will have a life prescription that allows you to live life on your terms and not determined by pills, sickness, doctors. appointments, endless worry etc. With online group coaching sessions every week, private 1-2-1s with the doctor, therapy and holistic workshops, meal plans, recipes, the works this is the BOMB! If weight loss is your ideal goal. Find out so much more detail below
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