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Functional Medicine

Functional Medicine​

Functional Medicine is the crème de la crème of Medical Services. 

Functional medicine (FM), lifestyle medicine, or root cause medicine- are some of the few trending names for this life-altering prescription. I prefer to look at it simply as a description of ‘medicine’ in the old-fashioned sense of the word; where the doctor really knows you, spends time with you, and actually heals you for good. 

I am one of the few people in the UK triple trained as a Medical Doctor, Nutritionist, and Personal Trainer and have been practicing FM for over 10 years with experience as an NHS doctor for over 20. I’ve helped patients heal and cure themselves of all manners of diseases and ailments over the years and some of the most common things that I have worked with are

Weight loss & Energy Issue

Body aches & Arthritis

menopause, endometriosis & PCOS

Headaches & migraines

Eczema, psoriasis, acne

Gut issues and IBS

Thyroid issues

Diabetes and cholesterol issues

Blood pressure problems

I can help with almost anything so schedule a free discovery call today
to see just how we can work together to heal you

When’s a good time to see
a Functional Medicine Doc like me?

Are you really tired with being sick and really sick of being tired?

Do you have multiple medical issues spanning many years, maybe with symptoms that no one has been able to figure out yet?

Do you have ‘normal’ blood results but still don’t feel right and no one is telling you why?

Do you really want to come off medications but no one’s telling you how?

Are you really ready to put in the time and financial commitment to get healthy and stay like that for good?

Do you believe you deserve medical support, agreement, encouragement and validation to help you heal?

Do you need a second opinion?

Have you sadly have lost faith in the traditional system and crave a traditional GP: where you feel really listened to and respected?

I’ve been entrenched in health for over 25 years now so I deeply understand all the holistic, complementary and alternative therapies as well as allopathic and conventional medicine. I look at things that most conventional doctors are not even aware of causing medical issues. I am the detective who will discover the reason behind all your symptoms and heal you from within. No patient is the same, so everyone gets a Bespoke prescription. I use my Trademarked Framework ‘HEALTHY’ to help metamorphosise your health.

My Mission statement is to guarantee You a Life of:


Imagine knowing your body inside and out so that you never need to see a doctor again. Having science at the tip of your tongue so you can happily defend your body and its choices. Visualise feeling the power to know that the health of everyone you love is in your hands.


From disease, from taking time off work to see a doctor, to not be scared into taking or doing something you don’t want to do. Picture not being worried about your current or future self.


Free from fatigue, pain, worry and sleepless nights. A body you love, not just because it looks great but it is serving you well. 

FM is very detailed and methodical and delves deeply into the essence of who you are and how you got sick. Understanding that your health problems have been developing for a while under the surface is integral to starting the healing process. You need to be patient and have dedicated and experienced support to really restore your health.

How Can I Help Heal You?

Step One :

After our free Discovery call; I send you comprehensive Health and Lifestyle Questionnaires which I then evaluate in my own time before we meet. By the time we meet, I already have an understanding of your health issues; why, when and how they developed and most importantly why they are not improving. 

Every package includes this free initial behind the scenes deep dive analysis of up to 2 hours. This is one of the best bits about seeing a Functional Medicine doctor; the promise of ONE person putting together all the different pieces of the puzzle.

Step Two :

We decide together what’s the best package for you. I appreciate not everyone has the time or financial dedication straight away, but once you are ready to put the work in; your body will thank you in ways you never even expected.

At our discovery call, I will establish the complexity of your medical issues and guide you towards the best value for a care package for you.

We have our on-line consultation after which I create your Bespoke Lifestyle Prescription which is delivered in e-mail format within 72 hours. Every Lifestyle Prescription will address all aspects needed to improve your health, including but not limited to diet, movement, sleep, stress, toxins, environment and your prescription medications. 

A brief description of the different ways to work with me

If you really just need some of my time or if you have been referred by someone and you are already on a healthy lifestyle plan this could work for you. 

Other common reasons for this kind of consultation 

  • To ask me some simple medical questions, clarify some medical information or a plan you’re currently following.
  • You’ve been following a healthy lifestyle, but something isn’t right and you feel you need a few tweaks
  • You want a second opinion 
  • You want to discuss a simple medical issue*

This is my most popular package and is really fun! Over the course of a month 

  • You’ll understand what has been going on with your body and your health. 
  • We’ll look at an entire medical timeline review starting from before you were even born. 
  • I’ll address every aspect of your lifestyle that could be causing you distress, whilst offering practical, affordable and doable solutions
  • A big focus of mine will be huge on educating you to really understand and believe in the power of your body

After a month you’ll feel renewed, educated and supported to continue your health journey independently.

This is for you if you’re ready to finally have a transformation in health that stays with you for the rest of your life. Are you dedicated enough to put the work in and do you truly believe you deserve it?

The promise of this 4-month experience where you transform into the best version of yourself; is that you will have a lifelong prescription that allows you to live on your terms and not determined by pills, sickness, doctor’s appointments and endless worry.

This incredibly bespoke, meticulous and specialized package starts with me holding your hand step by step with your health issues. I will guide you, support you and be your medical teacher over 4 months. It will end with you being completely strong, independent, off most pills and free of pain and debilitation. You will have such a deep-rooted understanding of your body and health you will feel confident in knowing how to treat it in the future.

This package also includes fortnightly sessions with a trusted therapists, an integral and necessary part of complete healing. All the work will be done for you, with carefully curated meal plans, exercise goals, spiritual prescriptions, alternative therapies, specialist masterclasses, and much more over 4 months.

*£10000 if paid in 4 monthly installments.
*£9000 (10% discount) if paid in 3 monthly installments.

Step Three :

Enjoy the following follow up and support

Medicine Consult

  • Detective Deep Dive
  • 360-degree evaluation
  • Lifestyle Prescription
  • 90 minutes on line consultation

Half Day
Health Bootcamp

  • Detective Deep Dive
  • 360-degree evaluation
  • Lifestyle Prescription
  • 1 month coaching programme
  • 3-hour on-line workshop
  • 3 mini consultations (one/week)
  • 1 hour session with therapist
  • Recipes, handouts, workout plans
  • E-mail support
  • Opportunity to purchase discounted therapy
Most Popular

Platinum Get
Healthy For Life

  • Detective Deep Dive
  • 360-degree evaluation
  • Lifestyle Prescription
  • 4 month coaching programme
  • 3 hour on-line workshop
  • 8 extensive consultation (one/fortnight)
  • 8 mini consultation (one/fortnight)
  • 12 therapy sessions (one/fortnight)
  • Unlimited e-mail and off-line support
  • Bespoke Recipes
  • Bespoke Masterclass
  • Bespoke Beauty, & Household Product
  • Ask the expert (special consultation)
  • Monthly Personal Training
best value
for money

Platinum Get Healthy
and Off Your Pills For Life

This is all of the above but with hand picked extras that really make you feel pampered throughout the whole health journey. If you want some of the hard work done for you and more tailor-made experiences this is the right commitment from you. You also get more consultations with both me and therapist

It’s beyond anything you can imagine – trust me.  Or better still, see the testimonials.

6 weeks24 weeks30-week VIP
Pre-Meeting Detective PackagePre-Meeting Detective PackagePre-Meeting Detective Package
3 hr Intensive- doctor3 hr Intensive- doctor3 hr Intensive- doctor
360-degree evaluation3 hr Intensive-therapist3 hr Intensive-therapist
Lifestyle prescription360-degree evaluation360-degree evaluation
Off-line supportLifestyle prescriptionLifestyle prescription
3 hr Intensive ConclusionOff-line supportExtended Hours Off-line support
 Ask The ExpertAsk The Expert
 10 Medical consultations13 Medical consultations
 12 Healing consultations15 Healing consultations
 3 hr Intensive ConclusionBespoke Masterclass
 Lifetime prescriptionBespoke Recipes
 Free Check 8 weeks laterBespoke Beauty/Grooming
  Monthly Personal Training
  3 hr Intensive Conclusion
  Lifetime prescription
  Free Check 8 weeks later




What My Patients