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Anxiety and Depression

Anxiety and Depression

A young girl came to Dr Ashvy after several serious episodes of depression; which had also involved self-harming. The family were distraught and the patient was known to adolescent mental health services. She was on two different anti-depressants and a sleeping pill too. Dr Ashvy spent 6 one to one sessions with the patient; working predominantly on the root cause of her depression. She uncovered some major traumas, including sexual assault which despite extensive NHS counselling the girl had never admitted to. She found dr ashvys approach extremely caring and understanding. She explained that she found it so helpful that Dr Ashy spoke about her own childhood trauma and abuse and seemed to be so ‘human’.

Dr Ashvy gave a spiritual prescription, and asked the young girl to start gratitude journaling, meditating and pointed her towards empowering social media groups and podcasts. Dr Ashvy checked in with the girl, by text message every few days (something that had never happened before) and the girl trusted Dr Ashvy so much it was easy to make the spiritual changes

DR ashvy also changed certain aspects of her diet, added in some bespoke supplements, spoke at length about restricting screen time and avoiding certain social media outlets.

Within 12 months, the girl was off all her medications and was living her fullest life possible.

What My Patients say: