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Hi everyone, my official name is Dr Bhardwaj MBBS DRCOG DFFP Dip Nutrition Dip APT MRCGP, but please call me Ashvy: a doctor by trade but lifestyle obsessed by nature.

My most important job though, is as a single mother to an adorable toddler. She inspired me to create The Bespoke Doctor: a unique health service that combines all that is needed for optimal health now and for the future.

Since qualifying as a GP, I found myself progressively unhappier, so having always had a passion for cooking my entire life I entered a top cookery show in 2011 with a view to leaving medicine completely.

I was planning this bold move when as luck would have it, I discovered Functional Medicine the following year whilst practicing in Sydney. This innovative 21st century medicine made me look at disease and it’s treatment in a completely different light and I was hooked!       
This unearthing has led me to ditch the prescription pad for a set of cooking knives and I now treat patients, with a unique combination of nutrition, exercise, stress management, toxin removal and other lifestyle factors. Most importantly, all of the plans are tailor-made to suit individual needs, as no one person is the same.

My Inspiration

“Don’t let your health issues take control do something about it!”

Dr Ashvy Bhardwaj

My inspiration

My original motivation was my patients and I will forever be grateful to those who used to question if there were any alternatives to being put on a rollercoaster of medicines, side effects and diminishing health. I never really knew the answer then - but I do now. However my ongoing constant source of inspiration is my daughter, Naina, who I have been raising alone since birth.

Ask any health care professional; there is nothing like personal illness or that of a loved one, to make you suddenly become an expert in that ailment. My daughter was born with some health issues and it is through Functional Medicine that I am beginning to permanently heal her. The process is slow, arduous and takes a lot of effort but I take comfort in the knowledge that the work put in now will pay dividends in the future.

There are foods that she can’t eat at all, as well foods that I choose to restrict due to the harm they cause. It breaks my heart, when I have to say ‘no’ to sugary treats, cakes and pizza, but she is mature enough to understand the effect on her health, even as a toddler. Using the principles of nutrient density (which I strongly advocate) she regularly consumes strong flavoured food that most adults would shun, such as sardines, liver and kale etc.

In terms of treats, she gets all the usual suspects but homemade and far healthier alternatives that I can make quickly and easily or, better still, we can have fun making together. 

I am constantly in awe of her positive and healthy approach to food. I know that this lifestyle contributes to her calm temperament, resilience to common childhood infections, great sleeping pattern and robust physical health. How could this not inspire me to take a stand to improve the health of our nation and especially our children?

Health & Lifestyle

My latest tip

Potato cakes are an easy way to get greens into kids. Pre-cook greens of choice such as spinach, chard, cabbage or watercress and then blitz into a puree. Add this puree to pre-mashed potatoes with lots of flavours such as chopped ginger and garlic, loads of soft herbs, chunks of pancetta etc. Shape into potato cakes and coat with almond flour and shallow fry or bake.

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“Ashvy has introduced me to understanding how my food has impacted my health.”

Ms Lubna Bhatti, London.