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Welcome to 21st Century Medicine
And The Opportunity For Perfect Health

Something we all deserve

My Mission Statement is to offer you a life full of :

  • Empowerment
  • Freedom
  • Health

If conventional medicine fails you:

  • Are you completely at your wits end with being sick?
  • Do you feel invisible or not listened to by your health care professional? 
  • Are you desperate for an approach that is individual to you?
  • Do you want to take control of your health today and avoid a lifetime of prodding, poking, and pills?

That's Where I Come In

I am  Dr. Ashvy Bhardwaj:  a medical doctor, nutritionist, functional medicine expert, personal trainer and single mum.

Oh, and I am pretty good in the kitchen too!

I work with patients who have all manner of symptoms, getting to the root cause of their problem and offering lifestyle solutions that put these diseases in remission.

My patients have these things in common: 

  • They want to see one doctor who can fix all their health problems, and not keep on referring to other specialties.
  • They know that the conventional “one size fits all” model hasn’t worked for them.
  • They want regular contact with their doctor for support and advice along their transformative journey.
  • They are completely ready, willing and able to transform their health.

What My Patients say:

What working together looks like:

  • Your chronic health problems have many root causes and have likely been developing over months if not years.
  • Despite how poorly you feel, the truth is: your body is skilfully designed to heal itself. I love respecting this fact and take a whole-body approach to rebuilding your picture-perfect health.
  • When you work with me, I look at you as an individual, not just a collection of symptoms that need to fit into a diagnosis.
  • We take our time for your consultation and examination. It will be thorough and complete.
  • I will provide you with an individualised treatment plan along with tried and tested Master Chef calibre recipes; taking into account your food tolerances, palate and cultural variations.
  • You will feel invested and energised to renovate your health and best of all, you are supported throughout your health transformation.

Your road to perfect health starts here

Do you want to embark on your healing journey today so you can feel:

  • confident
  • energised
  • free from pain
  • happy
  • supported

Book a free consultation with me to find out how I can help you, I would love to meet you.